Weekly Update 5-12-08

Hi to each of you in the LBB Network,
It’s hard to believe that we set up LBB and ASCD accepted our collaborative proposal only a week ago. Over 100 educators signed on as collaborators. I guess it is time to update you. I'll try to do that once a week if not more regularly as the situation warrants it.

A reflection: A three-year plan for the next three annual conventions is a heady invitation from such an internationally prestigious professional organization. I think it is just the beginning.

1) I'd like to use 2.0 thinking, behaving, tools, protocols, etc. for this collaboration with ASCD to "walk the talk." Framing question: How can we tap our collective intelligence to innovate getting our tasks accomplished over the next three years? We will model what we want students to learn directly or indirectly through the administrators, teachers, and parents we reach.
2) LBB process question: Can we think of a way(s) to develop communication among the network of educators interested enough to join the wiki? What about the larger group who signed up to be collaborators at various levels?
3) I spoke to Kathleen Burke on Friday again. She is still very enthusiastic about working with us. 170 proposals submitted on technology. Last year approximately 50 proposals. They are thinking of grouping the proposals into a) hardware; b) programs; c) social networking; d) leadership/vision
They plan to review, come to us with what they have, and then ask for our suggestions.
4) I proposed an Elluminate session soon with 7-8 of us so we can educate the selection team about the read/write web. She agreed. More to come as it develops.
5) Their current thinking on a 3 yr plan: yr 1: awareness session; yr 2: what's out there sessions; yr 3. best practices. I didn't say it, but sounds like linear/1.0 thinking. I used to think that way that way so I know. Some of my best friends and colleagues think that way!
6) On a side note, CoSN is sponsoring a major effort to educate superintendents about technology. In 10 minutes I join a conference call to help plan a 3-hour presentation that will tour the country and be presented at conferences that superintendents attend. I plan to mention our work on LBB, but if you have any thoughts on it and how we should/could build that into our collaborative work, let us know.
7) What structures, protocols, groups, do we need in place to have the capacity to take advantage of opportunities for advancing our story of learning, taping our collective intelligence and modeling the kind of learning environments we want to see in schools?
Signing off for now. Wondering what will happen next and excited about the unimagined possibilities. Comfortable with ambiguity.