All members can contribute by brainstorming ideas for each of the following questions on this page. Feel free to restructure this page and add other questions or considerations as necessary.

  1. Should/could we create an online strategic planning map for infusing Web 2.0 into ASCD’s Annual Conference?
  2. How we can help with Call for Proposals 2010 Annual Convention? Note the themes and strands.
  3. How can we organize an analysis of the 2010 Annual Convention Call for Proposals?
  4. What are illustrative Web 2.0 examples that are representative of the strands and topics for the 2010 Call for Proposals?
  5. How can we help ASCD develop a “Web 2.0” 3-year Plan for the Annual Convention?
  6. What planning strategy assistance can we give ASCD beyond the scope of the international convention?
  7. How best to move toward a vision where technology is a part of the regular sessions, transforming them for 21st Century teaching and learning
  8. Should we invite collaborators to register their interest in helping ASCD with the different topics?
  9. What are Web 2.0 entry points for ASCD members with different capacities? Unaware, Beginning, Developing, Skillful, Leader
  10. Is it feasible to consider including ISTE on a small joint annual conference?
  11. Where is a vision for where we recommend ASCD’s Annual Convention sessions should be in three years regarding technology infused pedagogy?
  12. Would you be willing to help ASCD create the first annual ASCD Tech-rich Pedagogies Conference?