ASCD's Educational Leadership

March 2009
Literacy 2.0
Students are more plugged into technology than they have ever been before--through smartphones, iPods, laptops, social networks, and electronic games. This issue will explore the role of literacy in our ever-evolving digital environment. How can we help students learn and transfer traditional literacy skills? What new literacy skills are called for—and how can students guide teachers in acquiring these key skills? How can we teach students to judge the reliability, accuracy, and quality of information? Articles will explore how wikis, blogs, RSS feeds, and portals of streaming media have affected how students read, write, speak, think, and work.
Deadline: October 1, 2008

Ideas for articles?
What do (Internet) Cyber Ethics look like and feel like in your school community, and why is this important?-Cheryl Oakes-

Examples cited directly from classroom teachers using these tools successfully at different grade levels. -Sharon Betts-